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Crafts & Decor


How to Create Beautiful, Framed, Cut-out Maps
How to Throw a Kick-Ass Baby Shower Party

How to Use Spray Paint to Spruce Up Garage Sale Mirrors

How to Make an In-Cabinet Cork Board
How to Hang a Wall Photo Gallery (without putting extra holes in the wall)
How to Make a Photo Collage Thank-You Card
How to Make a Wedding Program/CD Favor
How to Re-frame a Wall Map
Cool Ideas I’ve Pinned to Pinterest


Great Way to Store Kitchen Knives
Why Drawer Storage Rocks
About Buying Art
How to Decorate a Toilet
All About Sofas
What’s Your Decor Style? Quiz 

Home Office Ideas
Tips for Shopping at IKEA
What to Do with All Those Pesky Wine Corks
Pinterest — A Great Way to Organize All Those Ideas
My Home Office — How Should I Decorate?
Every Room Has an Unshaven Armpit. Here’s Mine
Because It’s Fun Looking Inside Other People’s Houses. Admit It.
Why I Don’t Like Granite Countertops
Why “Ability to Multitask” isn’t Written on my Resume

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